Our Cheese

We have cheese available. Give our specialty cheese flavors a try. We believe we have some of the best cheese available. Be sure and try our award winning Queso Fresco. We think you will love and appreciate the flavors they all bring to your table.

Cannon Belles Gouda Cheese

$8 per 1/2 lb


A creamy, 3 month aged cheese with a mild flavor. It is great for your cheese plates, as a snack, or on a sandwich. Cut into roughly 1/2 lb wedges.

Cannon Belles Cheddar cheese

$7 – $8 per 1/2 lb


A mild, 3 month aged white cheese. It is great in a grilled cheese, for cooking, cheese plates, or a snack. Cut into roughly 1/2 lb blocks. We have 3 Flavors

Queso Fresco cheese

$6 per 1/2 lb

Queso Fresco

Our Spanish-style queso fresco is a mild melting cheese that is often used in Mexican dishes. It is also great on grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, in chili, and shredded in various soups.  

Cannon Belles cheese curds

$5 per 6oz bag


We package our curds fresh for you to eat on the go, or used in favorite recipes. Flavors are: Bacon, Dill, Garlic, Horseradish, Jalapeno, Grim Reaper, & Plain,

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